Academic proofreading

Proofreading for students

Look no further for academic proofreading – your writing is in safe hands. I’m happy to proofread student essays at all levels, including term papers, theses or dissertations. You’ve worked so hard for this – don’t fall at the last hurdle.

Many topics pass across my desk… from undergraduate Marketing degrees to Master’s level Educational Psychology, and PhD dissertations on Astrophysics or Post-modern Japanese Literature. I look forward to broadening my world with your paper.


Things you need to know

Proofreading ensures that your thought process is expressed in accurate English. It’s about ironing out language mistakes or typos. However, it’s not about helping you with your content; the ideas, knowledge and logic remain your own (for good or ill!).

There’s more detail in the FAQs section below. You might also find the following blog posts useful:

Academic proofreading – what to expect

Are you really ready for proofreading?

Please check with your university for its policies on using an external proofreader.


English as an additional language

If English is not your first language, please let me know; I would expect proofreading your essay to take a little longer.

Please note that I can only make proofreading corrections if I understand your intended meaning. If I cannot understand what you mean, I will query it in a margin comment. So, there may be extra changes for you to make, and these will also need proofreading. You should allow plenty of time for this ‘back and forth’ process.


Student proofreading FAQs

o Does a proofreader need expertise in the academic subject?
  • Luckily, no. Very occasionally, I may need to query the meaning of some technical vocabulary if it causes ambiguity. However, I can recognise which bits of language are which, and whether they fit together correctly. You have your area of expertise, and I have mine!
o How does the proofreading process work?
  • As with all my proofreading services, corrections are usually made using Track Changes on a Word document. (I can annotate PDFs, but it takes longer, and all changes will have to be implemented by you separately.)
  • I may need to query areas where something is wrong but your intended meaning is unclear. In this case, any further changes by you would also need proofreading. You should allow time for this ‘back and forth’ part of the process.
o Will you reduce or add text to match a set word count?
  • I’m afraid not. You are being assessed on your ability to construct and present your ideas within certain parameters. There may be websites that offer this kind of service to students, but it is unethical. I offer a final proofreading polish only. (Corrections may change the word count very slightly.)
o Will you check my facts?
Sorry, no – please see above.
o Will you tell me if my writing is suitably phrased/flows smoothly/presents a persuasive argument/answers the question?
  • As above – no. For any other kind of text, I am more than happy to offer these editorial services, but for academic essays, I do proofreading only.
o Can you proofread my References/Bibliography?
  • Yes, if you provide me with your referencing style guide (eg, Harvard).
o Can you guarantee a pass/better grade?
  • Sadly not. But I can guarantee that spotting even the tiniest of details will make your writing better.
o How much does academic proofreading cost?
Please see my Prices page for all the details.

Be noticed for your knowledge, not your typos! Let me help.

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