Proofreading & editing for authors

Give your special project that final polish

All writers become too close to their own writing – even professionals…

…So all writers need a fresh pair of eyes.

If you’ve slaved for a long time over your writing project, it can seem like it’s never ending.

When at last you’ve finished, you’re likely to have mixed emotions. Maybe you feel as if you never want to see your work again, anywhere. Or perhaps you just want to get it published or sent off as quickly as possible. Believe me; I understand!

Professional editorial services will tell you what’s really there – not what you think is there just because that’s what you meant. It’s crucial to have someone read your work from the viewpoint of the intended audience.

That’s where I come in.


Personal attention to detail

I’m happy to work with you on fiction (novels or stories, long or short) and non-fiction (anything from memoirs to special-interest books). I’m particularly keen to help those who may be new to writing for a public readership.

If you choose Pernickety Kate, you know who you will get – just me! So, unlike proofreading agencies, you can always put a face to the name, and you can be sure your editor knows you and your writing style, every time.


Editing or proofreading – clearing up the confusion

These words can mean several different things. Here is how I am using the terms:

Editing is also known as line editing or copy editing. It involves looking at the bigger picture: the flow, logic and information content of your writing, and how to make that crystal clear to the reader.

Editing (as I do it) also includes checking for spelling, grammar and internal consistency. This bit is basically what proofreading does (please see below). So you are getting a two-in-one service.

Proofreading ensures that your work is correct and consistent before final publication. This includes checking heading style, correct internal references (eg, accurate contents and glossaries) and other details, as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Your computer will definitely not be able to do all that!



Value for money

Of course cost is a consideration.

The price for a longer project such as a book is obviously a greater outlay than for a leaflet or CV. However, do think seriously about why you are writing – if it’s important enough to write, it’s important enough to get right. Professional proofreading or editing will show your work at its best for your readers.

Writers shouldn’t really settle for anything less.

Still got some questions? Take a look at my FAQs for more answers, or check out my prices.

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