Proofreading & editing for business

Create the right impression

Websites, flyers, blogs, emails, reports…

You can’t avoid it – whether you’re a wiz at writing or not, somehow the words need to happen.

There are two extreme solutions. You could do your own writing, get it out there quickly and hope for the best. That’s the cheap (and risky) option. Or you could pay for a copywriter to do the whole lot for you from scratch. That costs more, for good reason.


The best of both worlds

Here’s how an editor can help you find a middle path…

You write your piece to your audience – it’s your voice, with your ideas, because you know your business better than anyone else. Then you can choose between two levels of service – proofreading or editing – to suit your needs or your budget.


Proofreading – for correct and consistent details

Proofreading is the final check of all the nitty-gritty details before publication.

I look at every letter, every comma, every space… everywhere. Spelling, grammar and punctuation?  Of course. But that’s just the start.

Names, numbers, dates: are they correct and consistent? Heading style, size, colour, capitalisation: are they the same throughout? Contents, indexes, captions and links: do they match what they’re connected to?

The ‘proofreading only’ option is suitable if you’ve already had the content approved, or you are very confident at writing.


Editing – to help you speak clearly to your customers

Editing is about the bigger picture – helping readers to understand what you mean as clearly as possible.

I make sure your writing is in a logical order, flows well, and has wording suitable for your audience. I work with you to understand what’s important about your business and your clients. That’s the personal bit – because there’s only so much a computer can do.

As well as advising on all that, I’ll proofread your document too. Editing is like a two-in-one ‘health check’ for your business writing.


Why does it matter so much?

What are potential clients thinking when they look at your website or other writing? Well, that’s the trouble – you can’t tell. Your business needs to give a good impression right from the start. You deserve it… and so do your readers.

Ultimately, you want customers to buy from you. So the wording needs to lead them to do that, not distract them with mistakes or confusion.

It’s fine not to be great at spelling or grammar. No-one expects you to be an expert on everything, so don’t worry about it – just send for Pernickety Kate!



Still not sure? Take a look at my prices or check out the FAQs.

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